Swivel Cords 30″

Knitter’s Pride Mindful Collection


NEW from Knitter’s Pride!

When Knitter’s Pride introduced their brand new stainless steel lace tips, they also introduced these new SWIVEL cords that are fantastic! They are a smidgen thicker than the regular KP cords, and memory free. Another smart addition is 1-inch markings down the cord for quick and easy measuring. (Now I don’t have to use my thumb knuckle, hooray!)  Also………these cords will work with LYKKE needle tips (!!), as well as all the rest of the Knitter’s Pride tips (Ginger, Dreamz, etc.)

Cords only – includes cord, 2 end caps, and 1 cord key.

Brand: Knitter’s Pride
Series:  Mindful Collection
Features: Swivel Ends
30-inch cord
Circ:  Makes a 40″ needle

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