ColorMix Fingering


ColorMix Fingering is the same 3-ply, heavy fingering weight yarn as ColorMix Sock with two main differences: it does not have added nylon, and the color shifts are much longer and gradual. This creates the perfect yarn for colorwork sweaters, shawls, and other large garments. Since it is dyed and spun from 100% Superwash Merino Wool, it can be machine washed and dried. 

Base: ColorMix Fingering
Weight: Heavy Fingering Weight
Structure: 3-ply
Fiber: Superwash Merino Wool
Yardage: 385 yards, 94-100* grams

*weight per skein can vary due to the slightly irregular spin of this yarn. Yardage will always be the same, weight will fluctuate.


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About ColorMix Yarn:

Yarn Hero’s ColorMix line is a unique dyed-in-the-wool yarn that works up into long gradients and/or stripes of color. Just as the name implies, ColorMix utilizes optical blending within the strand to create a wide range of color blends. Unlike hand-painted yarn, the colors will shift, marl, stripe, and shift back again. Each skein is a one-of-a-kind, even when from the same dye lot. It is suggested you make sure to purchase enough skeins for your project from the same dye batch, as colors can, and will vary from batch to batch.

Due to the nature of how this yarn is dyed (kettle dyed first, then spun into yarn), color placement and intensity will vary between skeins, and within the skein itself. The yarn you receive may look slightly different than those in the photo. This is something that cannot be controlled, and is the beauty of this type of yarn. Let yourself go and allow the yarn to do it’s magic! When ordering multiple skeins, I will try to select skeins that are the closest match to one another. If you have a preference — darkest, lightest, one showing the most of a certain color, please write it in the notes and I will do my best. When ordering multiple skeins, I will try to select skeins that are the closest match to one another.

A note about the milling process:

All ColorMix yarns are milled in a small, family-run US mini mill. This means that the yarns are created by hand in small batches on simple cottage industry equipment. Due to this, there will be small variances in the thickness of the yarn, as well as the occasional join or slub throughout the skein.

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