Colored – BLUE 11″

Knitter’s Pride Cords


Knitter’s Pride has color-coded their cords to make it easier to grab the length you need…the first time. These cords feature resilient, flexible cords that lay flat. Smooth join with a long threaded screw-in insures the cord and needles stay connected. Tightening hole provided in the metal join for extra secure tightening (with key), and can be used as a lifeline. End caps easily fit on cord and keep knitting safe. (These cords will also work with Lykke interchangeables.)

Cord only – includes 1 cord, 2 end caps, and 1 cord key.

Brand: Knitter’s Pride
Series:  Color Coded
Color: Blue
11″ cord
Circ:  Makes a 21″ needle

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