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ColorMix Yarn

Yarn Hero’s ColorMix Yarn works up into bands of colorful gradients. It will shift, marl, stripe, and shift back again in a completely random manner. ColorMix is the perfect yarn for simple projects where you want the yarn to do all the work for you! Use a single skein by itself, or make it even more exciting by alternating contrasting colorways in your project. Try knitting stripes, or use in your mosaic and slip stitch knitting. Better yet, try using ColorMix Yarn as the contrasting color in your colorwork project and let the color changes work their magic. The possibilities are endless!

What makes ColorMix Yarn different from other yarns is the way it is processed. Just like handspun yarn, the wool is dyed first and then spun into yarn. By teaming up with a local family-run spinning mill, Yarn Hero is able to create unique yarns for your one-of-a-kind project.

Choose from Sock weight, Sport weight, or DK/Light Worsted weight.

ColorMix Sock

ColorMix Sport is a 2-ply, sport weight yarn spun from NON-Superwash Merino wool. This yarn works up beautifully in all projects, especially garments where you want the finished item to maintain its shape. (Superwash wools tend to grow.) The weight of this yarn is the perfect middle ground for patterns calling for fingering or sport weight yarn, and even some patterns that call for DK weight yarn. (Always swatch before starting your project.) Hand wash only.

330 yards, 90-100 grams per skein.

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